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Centre for Advanced Engineering Studies and Research

R.O.O. Rules of Organization and Operation (in Romanian) Director ing. dr. Marin Nicolae Director adj. prof. univ. dr. ing. Mircea Andrasiu

Centre for Research on Sustainable Development

R.O.O. Rules of Organization and Operation (in Romanian) Director Associate Professor Gavriil Preda Ph.D.

Centre for Regional and Global Studies

R.O.O. Rules of Organization and Operation (in Romanian) Director Professor Adrian Pop, Ph.D. Assistant Director Lecturer Florin Păsătoiu, Ph.D.         The mission of the Centre for Regional and Global Studies is to pursue fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research on regional and global topics in the areas of international relations, geopolitics, geo-strategy, geo-economics, [...]

Centre for Medical Technology Studies

   KOLs and top scientists from various medical fields An independent scientific committee internally evaluates all relevant aspects Health economics expertise Focused on medical and socio-economic aspects of medical technologies We develop and conduct local studies, organize public events, promote fair debates and correct information. Head of Unit: Florian Berghea, MD.PhD, Carol Davila University, PGC Health [...]

Centre for Innovation and Applied Human Sciences

Director- conf. univ.dr. Stefan Stanciugelu

Centre for Applied History

          I. OVERVIEW In Western society, in the last years, the demand for social history has been growing. Many historians are doing research based on contracting products from governments, national agencies or private companies. In the U.S., the orientation towards a different kind of history called public applied history generated a [...]

Centre for Monitoring, Analysis and Consultancy in International Relations

International relations (IR) is a branch of political science. It studies the foreign affairs and global issues among states within the international system, including the role of states, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational corporations (MNCs). It is both an academic and a public policy field that seeks to analyze as well as [...]

Centre for Human Security, Environmental and Public Health

The twenty-first century is marked by profound changes in regard of security environment. The world is becoming increasingly complex and interdependent, whilst the sustainable development phenomenon is exerting itself as an irreversible process. The indissolubility and measurability of “development” and “security” has become obvious, as well as their dialectic interconnection and interdependence. Human development needs [...]