Department for Projects and Cooperation

Department of Projects and Cooperation

It aims to run different programmes and to develop partnerships with other universities, organizations and scientific institutes at national and international levels.


  • To expand the European and international cooperation network through CEEPUS programmes;
  • To establish new contacts;
  • To encourage regional cooperation through publications exchange in the fields of interest for this area;
  • To organize international summer programmes;
  • To sign agreements with national and international universities, organizations or research institutes;
  • To promote the image of the Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research abroad by keeping an updated website;
  • To stimulate the participation of members of the Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research to international conferences and  programmes with external funding;
  • To make promotional materials for the institution;
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and summer schools

Department of Publications

  • To promote the scientific and cultural values and to ensure the unrestricted exchange of ideas and information.


  • To publish the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • To encourage young researchers to publish their scientific findings in Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research publications;
  • To attract national and international scholars to publish under the auspices of the Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research;
  • To increase the visibility of research activities in the academic community and specialized institutions by participating to scientific symposiums, national and international conferences, round tables, expositions, book shows and the like;
  • To establish a printing house and a publishing house and enroll it in professional associations of publishers and international data bases.

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