Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research (SSRCI) is an organization that supports social development through:

  • Imposing standards of excellence. We have with us professionals, academics and outstanding students who want to raise standards in the fields of International Relations and Security Studies.
  • Encouraging creative thinking in research and “practice”. In-depth study of existing models and theories may lead to new methods of approaching real problems. SSRCI intends to support creative thinking and an ongoing ideational debate process towards progress.
  • Valuing non-formal education. Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research (SSRCI) develops projects for students and recent graduates. For young people who want to obtain a higher level of performance, college education is necessary but not sufficient. Programs, carefully prepared with specialists in non-formal education, complete theoretical knowledge with necessary skills for a successful career.
  • Forming a network of experts and future experts. Exchange of information and knowledge between the current and aspiring professionals and providing a framework for networking and sharing experiences will lead to an ongoing development and performance.

To achieve the objectives contained in the SSRCI documents, a strategic plan will be prepared and approved every four years. SSRCI departments will develop annual scientific research programs.

Founding documents

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