Board of Directors:

  1. Professor Constantin HLIHOR, Ph.D.-President
  2. Professor Dumitru IACOB, Ph.D.-Vice-president
  3. Dr. Aurel-Marc-Andrei ROSIN-Vice-president


Scientific Board:

  1. Professor Constantin BUŞE, Ph.D.
  2. Professor Ion CALAFETEANU, Ph.D.
  3. Professor Ioan CHIPER, Ph.D.
  4. Dr. Veniamin CIOBANU
  5. Professor Paul DOBRESCU, Ph.D.
  6. Professor Teodor FRUNZETI, Ph.D.
  7. Professor Constantin HLIHOR, Ph.D.
  8. Professor Ioan HORGA, Ph.D.
  9. Professor Dumitru IACOB, Ph.D.
  10. Professor Adrian IVAN, Ph.D.
  11. Professor Adrian POP, Ph.D.
  12. Professor Vasile PUŞCAŞ, Ph.D.
  13. Professor Dumitru PREDA, Ph.D.
  14. Professor Mihai RETEGAN, Ph.D.
  15. Professor Ioan SCURTU, Ph.D.
  16. Professor Catalin TURLIUC, Ph.D.
  17. Professor Vasile VESE, Ph.D.
  18. Professor Gheorghe ONIŞORU, Ph.D.
  19. Professor Ştefan PĂUN, Ph.D.
  20. Associate Professor Constantin DEGERATU, Ph.D.
  21. Associate Professor Gabriel I. NĂSTASE, Ph.D.
  22. Associate Professor Gavriil PREDA, Ph.D.
  23. Lecturer Cristian Vasile PETCU, Ph.D.



for evaluation and quality assurance in scientific research:

  1. Professor Constantin BUŞE, Ph.D.- President
  2. Professor Vasile VESE, Ph.D.-member
  3. Professor Ioan SCURTU, Ph.D.-member



for ethics and discipline:

  1. Professor Mihai RETEGAN, Ph.D.
  2. Professor Adrian POP, Ph.D.
  3. Professor Dumitru IACOB, Ph.D.

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